Teamwork (makes the dream work)

EBF2B1D4-188D-4CC8-81EB-152DA189F1CBLast morning in Derry, Northern Ireland. Having my last wee scone and coffee aye, and reflecting on the last week.

4 races / runs

23 1/2 miles

countless more miles walked along the wall, Bogside and Waterside.

1 medal

3 new t shirts

6 days of rain

Dont ask how many pints.

Off  to Amsterdam today . A 14 hour layover in the city that pioneered legal drug use, red light districts and live sex shows.

I know what you’re thinking.

Nope, nope and nope.

A couple of reasons;

Once or twice, many years ago, I might have tried recreational drugs like pot. It made me sleepy. I’ll stick to alcohol, thanks.

i have no moral qualms with legalized prostitution, but I was born and raised Irish Catholic in Ohio. Some things just don’t wash off. Like Catholic guilt.

As for the sex shows. I think it’s like me watching theater. If the show is bad, I resent the time wasted . If it’s good, I want to be in it.

But I digress….

lessons learned this week…

Im not wrong. The Irish might be the most hospitable people on the planet .

Dennis’s Wee Shop from the series “Derry Girls” is a real place!

Theres something here called a Quadrathon, which is 4 half marathons (or marathons) in 4 straight days. And I don’t want to do it, no matter how many of them think “ you would love it!”.

The most significant, and life affirming thing I learned this week was about the power of people to help each other. I run with a team over here. Kind of ironic since I don’t run with a team at home in Cali, where I run most of the other 51 weeks of the year. I don’t usually mention teams or people or products here since I don’t want this to be about all that, but I’m calling you out, Star running club. I met them in Barcelona, 2 1/2 years ago ( I know. I am such a jet-setter) and they have taken this 2nd generation American-Irishman under their collective wing. I’ve watched experienced runners train newer folks. I’ve watched people who just ran 13 miles go back and run several more miles with club members who were struggling. I’ve watched people whose concern for others goes past the running itself. There is a genuine interest in their lives, families, jobs and general wellbeing. I had commiseration from many in the passing of my parents this past year. We talked about the races we’d run , the one we did on the day and the future ones. We talked about Brexit, baps, Trump, gin, Derry Girls, boyfriends/girlfriends, wives/husbands, children, parents and a million other things.

I don’t know if you know this, but I am a person is comfortable on his own. “Loner” is a term that reminds me of rifles and bell towers so I won’t use that, But I’ve been single for 59 years. I am usually the first person to ghost at a party. That’s just me. I’m really not a pack animal. But if this week has taught me anything it’s that I will give another look at running clubs back home. This kind of support and friendship is something that might do me some good the other 358 days of my year. My friends at Star reaffirmed that for me over the last 7 days. So a wee thanks to you all at Star aye.

Talk Later,




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