Birthday Blog

First off, I made it, which I think some people didn’t pick in the office pool. For a long time, in my youth , I made a lot of questionable choices.
No. I mean a LOT.
But I seem to have cleaned up a bunch of that crap since my late 20s. So here I am. There are some things I’ve figured out;
I like being fit more than I like food. And beer. And Doritos & dip.
I like small amounts of good things more than “all you can eat”.
I like good wine. And lite beer. (most of the time).
I like being active, but also being lazy.
I like books. Not kindles.  Books. With bindings and paper and such.
I love women, but will probably be single all my life. And that doesn’t make me immature, or evil, or afraid of commitment. That’s just me. (this one took me a long time).
I love performing, but don’t have to do it all the time.
Original Star Trek. That’s it.
US Women’s team.
Juniors Cheesecake.
Real Cuban Sandwichs
I’m thankful for;
Mom, for accepting me as I am, and letting me be me.
Dave Allen, for 20 years of mentoring and showing me what passion was.
Fifi Kraemer, for being the first person to believe in me as an actor.
Elston Hurst, for giving me chances I didnt necessarily merit, which helped me grow.
Sandy Walden, for opening my eyes to a wider world.
John Ferola, for teaching me how to perform for a living.
Johanna Westerhuis for the faith and friendship.
Dave Barton, for changing for course of my performing life.
The friends who have put up with my sporadic presence and absence. My moods and opinions. My inexplicable decisions. My ghosting. I appreciate you more than I express.
And, by the way, I think that this entire blog has been a digression. But I digress….
How does this relate to Wellness? They say confession is good for the soul. And entering my 60th year (thank you Jerry Maly) This little
public  reflection felt good for mine.
Thanks for listening,
Talk later,

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