My Top 10 Fitness Gifts!

My Top 10 Wellness Related Gifts!

Tis the season, people! It’s mid-December and just in case you haven’t gotten all of your present buying done (like yours truly) here are some cool, fun, or just odd gifts for that fitness minded dude or dudette on your list.

  1. The Gift of Glide




This surely isn’t the sexiest gift on this list but it may be the one you’re thanked for most in the future. Bottom line, chafing sucks, and runners know this all too well
$9.99 on


  1. A better shoelace


Win. Never tie. Great freaking slogan.

Learning to tie our shoes is usually a monumental moment when growing up, but immediately after they become an annoyance for the rest of our lives. Lock Laces alleviate this simple but annoying task, after all, there’s nothing more annoying than untangled laces interrupting your run. $7.99 on

  1. Fancy-shmansy arm candy.


As any serious runner will tell you, a Garmin watch means business and currently, the Forerunner 235 is the holy grail of running watches. Garmin managed to squeeze in an accelerometer a vibration motor, GPS+, audio, water resistance among a plethora of other features into this surprisingly lightweight watch. The watch also syncs with your smart devices to deliver email, text messages, call alerts and reminders. The watch is sleek and elegant, and your running enthusiast will be over the moon.

For $330 , they better be.
$329.99 at


  1. It’s a beanie! It’s a Bluetooth speaker and microphone in a beanie!


Accessory Innovations Bluetooth Wireless Cable Knit Beanie with Built-in Stereo Speakers and Microphone.

  • The Newest Bluetooth Technology: Equipped with high efficiency Bluetooth wireless technology, easy and fast to pair with all the Bluetooth enabled media devices, such as Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Android, MP3, MP4, digital media player and more. Wireless range up to 30 feet. And you can take out the Bluetooth module and handwash the hat, which is important for some of us.

New (1) from $24.99 & FREE shipping. Amazon.


  1. It’s NOT a fannypack! It’s definitely not a fannypack.


One of the constant annoyances for any serious runner is “where do I put my stuff?” The Flipbelt, however, solves this and then some. First off, it’s ridiculously comfortable( Bob; we’ll see) It fits perfectly around the waist and because your items can be distributed around the belt you won’t feel bogged down with them accumulating in any one position. The belt also stays secure in its position, it won’t ride up( Bob again, we’ll see). Available in a number of colors and sizes it can also be discrete as blends in perfectly with workout attire.
$28.99 at

  1. Ouch, ouch! It hurts so good.


Forget those smooth foam rollers, while they work well their relatively smooth surfaces fail to replicate a massage therapist’s touch. The Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller, however, is complete with a multi-dimensional rigid surface that helps to channel blood, improve oxygen flow, and heal tissue.  Lightweight, yet durable and water resistant this roller is an essential part of any runner’s toolkit. There’s even durable miniature version for runners that travel often.
$38.39 at


  1. Post race footwear of choice


Just a cursory glance and you can tell how comfortable these are. One thing runners know all too well is that taking care of your feet are paramount and logging hundreds of miles makes your feet hurt in ways you never thought possible. Forget that it basically looks like an egg carton with a few random strings attached. These flip flops are a technological marvel. The lightweight and breathable material work to alleviate foot, leg and lower back pain by stimulating nerves and also promotes increased blood flow post run. And honest, when was the last time you actually bought new flip-flops.
$19.99 at


  1. You paid enough for them. Show them off!


This is a gift a bit more off the beaten path but let’s be real, so is your weird running friend. My medals are hanging in a shelf with a dangerously overloaded pressure rod. The Gone For a Run Runner Race Medal Hanger holds up to 24 medals and is easily installed onto the wall. I know, you probably have 24 medals just from 2018, but it’s a start.
$39.99 at


  1. It makes you want to post a pic of you in a yoga pose on a beach, doesn’t it?


You can personalize your yoga mat with any name and choose from 6 funny phrase options and 3 color

combinations. And the site actually says  ”Mat rolls up for easy portability”.

A yoga mat….

…that rolls up?

Get out! What will they think of next!!



And , finally…

  1. I love these things. LOVE them!!


AfterShokz Trekz Air Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones with Brilliant Reflective Strips, Midnight Blue, AS650MB-BR

by Aftershokz

I had resigned myself to running without music. I tried every single “they won’t fall out of your ears / they are so comfortable you won’t know you’re wearing them / designed for runners and the gym” earphones on the market. I was convinced I had mutant ears or was just too stupid to operate the models on the market. So I ran and worked out in silence. Then I found Aftershokz.

They don’t fall out of your ears because they hang on your ears like glasses on backwards. They aren’t in your ears, they’re BY your ears. They say it’s “bone conduction technology”, that the sound resonates through your facial bones. It could be that. Or it could be that little speakers play music right by your ears. Whatever it is, I can hear the music / phone and also hear what’s going on around me (aka runners / bikes/ cars / mountain lions, WHATEVER.) They don’t fall off, unless you pull your shirt off, which some of us have a bad habit of doing during trail runs, but that’s my issue.

I love them.

You can love them too, for just…

$149.95 & FREE Shipping. 

OK, that’s my list. I might need the beanie. And about 4 of the racks for my medals. I hope you get everything you want this holiday season.

Talk soon,


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