Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy

I woke up on Friday ( I don’t usually work on Friday) and my wireless was balky. Yup, balky. Sometimes that happens. So I couldn’t get my morning sports fix. No Sports Center, no Aussie rules football, no nothing. I watch a lot of sports on TV. Ask my girlfriend. But not Friday. No TV, no Netflix. No nothing. So.
What to do.
Also no iTunes radio. None of my “world music mix.”
I’m having issues.
I see my turntable and my stack of 15-20 albums.
Vinyl. Really?
So I do. I start filing thru my vinyl.
I hit The 5th Dimension” Age of Aquarius”
My sister Pat had this and “Jesus Christ Superstar” back in the day. That and the Monkeys.
I found the album a year ago and picked it up. I was like “what the heck?”
I put it on.
Let me paint you a picture.
8:30 am on a Friday .
I am full on dancing, alone, in my living room to “Age of Aquarius / Let the Sun shine.”

MY SOUL was filled.

It is so important to find what you love and keep the connection open to it.
I haven’t done that well.
I’ve been focused on work, money, benefits…things like that.
I haven’t kept my connection open to art. And music. And dancing ( I know I’m not a good dancer but i love it.)

Wellness is a holistic thing. Happiness, excitement and JOY are such an important part of it.
My brief but heartfelt message for this week is remember what gives you joy.
Kids. Church. Gym. Family. Art. Friends. Music. Wine. Cooking. Sex. Dance. Singing.
Find your joy.
Live it.
There is NOTHING more important.
Talk soon,

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