4 Years of Practically Well!

Holy mother of Pearl.

I’ve been at this for 4 years.


Yes, the 15th of this month will mark the 4 year anniversary of Practically Well. I thought it would have been cancelled by now.


That’s right.

It’s just me, writing under the direction of me, edited by me.

There’s nothing like job security, people.

Stuff has changed. I’ve changed. The world has changed. But still I prattle on, sending out weekly bits of observation, advice and (hopefully) humor. Comedy is hard, and my sense of humor is drier than, well, something that’s really dry. (see).

So what to post this week, appropriate to the occasion?

I think I’ll reach back to my original post, “What is Practically Well”, and see if I’m still doing whatever it was that I set out to do. I’ll pull some quotes from that inspired little piece and comment, update, whatevs….. here we go.

I’m a 58 year old man. I was born and raised in Ohio in the 60s & 70s.

Actually 62 now, but so far so good.

I’ve spent the last 13 years working for a supplement company, learning more about nutrition and fitness. I’ve fallen in love with distance running and traveled around the world for work and pleasure, running races, teaching fitness classes and learning about different people and cultures

Well, I lasted 2 more years for an even 15-ish, then stepped away from the corporate world. Still running, traveling & learning, though I haven’t taught a class in a while. Still love going anywhere I haven’t been yet.

So why Practically Well? Because I’ve been asked to help other people lose weight…I want people to achieve the health and wellness they are looking for….I want to share my story , which is a continuing one.

I wish I wouldn’t have said “lose weight”. Weight management is a component of overall wellness, but it’s incredibly overemphasized, and people’s obsession with numbers on a scale can lead to crazy, manifestly unhealthy behaviors and practices, all in the name of “losing weight”. It also leaves people vulnerable to being victimized by unscrupulous people & companies who prey on that obsession. I still think that helping people achieve the wellness they are looking for is still valid. It’s about what makes you happy, folks, whether it’s 10 percent body fat, dead lifting 300lbs or a daily cheese danish. You gotta make you happy. I’ll talk about “my story” in a bit.

I want to look at what’s out there in the world of Wellness, from the point of view of an older man from the midwest I want to talk about what I think works, and what I think is bullshit.

This part has been fun. I have my own opinions about things like Crossfit, gluten, fasting, fad diets, cupping, cryotherapy, etc. And in writing about them I’ve actually had to do research, which in some cases has changed my mind about them. I actually did “cryo” while training for a half marathon & honestly thought it did keep me feeling better during training than I had in years. I hope that maybe a piece or two has generated thoughts or opinions in others as well. Maybe even got people to try something new.

Why? (Do the blog in the first place. That “why”.)

I dunno. I loved when I saw people who took my classes turn their lives around. Maybe this is my way of trying to do that.

The “turning their lives around” thing happened a couple times. I’m not sure there’s a better feeling than watching someone who starts from a place of not being happy with where they are, then starts to think that maybe this time it might actually work, to a place of belief & self confidence. I’ve had students who have gone on to be instructors themselves. If you teach or coach, you probably know what I’m talking about.

It’s the best.

I don’t think this is “Hey, dig me. I’m an amazing success story” . What I am is a work in progress.

A work in progress. Truer words were never spoken. When I started this journey I was in (lower) middle management in a global corporation. Lived in L.A., or close enough. Now I’m semi-retired, I guess, working as a performer, sometimes for money, sometimes just cause I want to. I live back in Ohio, where I grew up, and am trying that on for size after 35 years away. I think one of the greatest gifts I have been given by whoever is in charge of this whole shebang is the gift of always having to work to achieve things. Whether it involves fitness, performing arts, or any other aspect of life, I don’t think I’ve been gifted with huge talent. And having to work my mind, or my imagination, or my body is the only way I keep my ability to do these silly things that I do. Whether it’s run, or travel, or act/sing (not dance. Trust me, I am aware). I think that’s a blessing. Though God, in her infinite jest, is always throwing me curve balls. Which is why I like her. Like she cares whether I like her or not. “Plan a vacation, Bob? What, non-refundable? Let’s offer you a gig in the same time frame & see which way you run with it.”

Bitter, bitter woman, God. And we never even dated….

…but I digress.

So, what’s next?


How am I adapting to Cincinnati? Especially after 35 years in L.A., Japan, touring, cruise ships, etc? How’s the social life, the jobs, the travel, my 60’s, etc, etc, etc…

Like I said, plenty.

And I’ll keep moving forward with Practically Well. What that will evolve into? Who knows. But it’s fun, it’s a creative outlet, and there’s a few of you out there who actually read/watch, which is gratifying. So, here’s to 4 good years, and more of the same.

Talk Later,


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