A little Gym Knowledge

Times have changed, folks. Yeah, I know. That sounds like the beginning of an old guy, “keep your kids off my lawn” kinda rant.

And it was gonna be, kinda.

Let me explain.

Cellphones. Hmm.

They are omnipresent. They are everywhere. They are unavoidable.

If you are behind someone at a light , the light changes & they don’t move, there’s about a 98% chance it’s because they are staring at a Kardashian on their cell. Or a Jenner. Or, well, you get it.

So i’m at the gym today. Normal thing. Getting my “back & biceps” workout on . And yes, dude, I DO even lift. And in the midst of going from station to station, trying to get my routine in, I’m running into a higher than normal number of people on the machine or rack that I’m trying to get to.

No big deal. I don’t own the gym. I’m just a member. Like any other dues paying member. That doesn’t particularly bother me. What irks me (and yes I did say “irks”) is that most of the people on my machine, or my station, aren’t, strictly speaking, working out. “What ARE they doing?” you might ask, especially if you’ve only been half-reading this, at a wine bar, maybe in Southern California, checking out the weekly wine flights and waiting to see which of the regulars show up, either to talk to or talk about…

…but i digress…

What are these folks doing, while occupying the workout area I covet?

Why, they are staring into their virtual lifeline, their business & pleasure center, their Hal 9000. (“Im sorry Dave”) .

I could get angry. I’ve been known to obsess on little foibles in gym etiquette just like this.

But I’m not going to.

I’m bigger than that.

I’m not going to curse the dark. I’m gonna light a candle.

What i’m going to do is share with you, from my time in the gym today, what I think are the best gym spots to work your iPhone, your Galaxy, your Tracfone (hey, some folks are ballin on a budget).

Here we go. (And yes, all of these images are from my visit to the gym, today.)

On the mat. Kind of a “Church” vibe. But kinda uncomfortable after a while. Not a top pick.
Better option. Foot rests, cushioned seat. Like your own mini-office.
“I don’t care how many screen you put in front of me. I’m gonna watch my own”
A place for my water, a seat that doubles as a couch, and “maybe the ladies will think I lift this much”.
Not a single cellphone! But it might be because they don’t know how to use them..
Cellphone multi-tasking
Stretching your body & your mind.
Look at the outfit. Probably a tracfone.
Who you looking at…?
“Yeah, I’m at my Pod. What’s the Wod?
At least he’s not naked…

There. No need to thank me.

Just trying to be a “Mexi-can”, not a “Mexi-can’t”…

..except I’m Irish.

OK, that’s me for this week. I’m knee deep in lines for a show that opens next week.

But never too busy for you.

Talk Later,


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