Carpe Diem

So, a friend of mine passed away.
Not a close friend. More of a work associate who I spent time with on several occasions.
Simple, friendly, a good guy.
You get it, right?

I found out through a mutual friend who is on my Facebook.
I was sad, as he was a good guy, but a couple things struck me.

He had worked for a large corporation for a long time. Over 40 years.
He was single, and he had several properties, so he was comfortable financially.
I know he had talked about the things he wanted to do after he retired.
He retired, and less than a year later, he was gone.

What’s that got to do with me? Or with you, for that matter?

It connected with me because I left a fairly secure position with that same company in August of 2020. Not to bore you with reasons, but let’s say it came down to a “philosophical difference in management styles”.

Vague-book much??

I hadn’t been there for 40 years. I don’t own several properties.
I’m not broke either , but staying in that position for a few more years and banking the checks probably would have been the advice of a financial planner.

I am not a financial planner.
I’m more of a financial improvisationalist. Which is not a word. But it should be.
…but I digress…

What I’ve done since then is act, do background work in movies / TV, ( until I remembered how much I HATE doing background work), announce for a series of horse shows. travel, run races.
I’ve moved back to my hometown of Cincinnati and am performing.
In theater or wherever else opportunities arise.

Have I questioned these choices?
Not all the time. But occasionally.

But my friend’s passing has reminded me of an old, oft-used phrase.

Carpe Diem

Is it old? It’s Latin, of course it’s old.

What’s it mean?
Seize the day. That’s what it means.

I’m 61. I’ve got 62 coming up next month. How much longer do I get to do these crazy things I do?
Who knows? I certainly don’t, and I’ve seen enough people my age & much younger who don’t have the same freedom & options I enjoy, either because of choices they’ve made or simple, cruel fate.

So, you know what?
Eat the food
Drink the wine. Especially the good wine.
Fall in love. With people, places & things.

Carpe Diem.
Seize the Day.
Damn right.

Talk Later,

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