Accept the Gift

OK, this one starts with a story.

A story that you may already know if you’re also on my personal Facebook page. So sorry about the repeating myself thing. But I’ve been pondering this tiny interaction I had, just yesterday.

Ok. I’ll get to it.

In my current job, we are “dark” Monday & Tuesday. We could just say we are off work, but in performing arts, everything needs to be different & special, so we say we are “dark”. Whatevs.

So yesterday, Tuesday, I went to the mall. Why the mall? Because on Monday I spent a fair amount of time at the pool. In the sun. And at one point I shifted on my deck chair and caught a glimpse of my skin just above & below my bathing suit. There was quite a difference. If I was a steak, I’d say I was medium well, on my way towards well done. Everyone knows that medium rare to medium is how you should have your steak, if it’s a good steak. so….?

I was overdone. Not badly overdone, but right on the border.

So no beach / pool time Tuesday. After my gym time & study time for the new show, and before I went to the theater to see “Everything, Everywhere, all at Once” (interesting movie, but that’s a story for another time). I decided to hit the mall. Air conditioning, food court lunch, maybe pick up a thing or two. You know, the mall.

So I find the local mall on my GPS, head over and start my wandering. There was a book store, which was a great start. Had some acceptable orange chicken & white rice, cool. On my over to the Macy’s I saw this little shop called “Edison & Ford”. They carried antique and historic items and actually had an old “Model-T ish” car in front. They also had a piano in the store, with a woman playing. I noticed it because she was using an iPad for her sheet music, which I thought was pretty cool. So I wander the Macy’s for a while, peruse some other stores, then head back the way I came since it was getting close to show time for the movie. As I go back past Edison & Ford, I hear that the woman is playing ” Some Enchanted Evening” from the musical South Pacific. It being a classic Rogers & Hammerstein musical, I’ve done 3 productions of the show, one as the character who sings this song. So I hear that she is playing it in the correct key, almost like it’s from the score. So I walk up to the entrance, where a gentleman who works there greets me ” Good afternoon sir”. I respond with “Good afternoon”, but I’m really listening to her playing, trying to figure out whether she’s on the first verse going into the 2nd or the 2nd verse going into the bridge. That takes me jus a second, then I simply turn towards her and start singing.


I’m not sure. You get a vibe about what’s alright to do and what’s not. My vibe, after about 10 seconds, was that it would be alright. So there.

The sales guy was, how can I say, sorta gobsmacked. He just said “well..” and stared. But the pianist? She was a pro. she looked up, surprised, then looked back down, opened her ears, and got on with the business of accompanying her impromptu soloist, namely me.

How did it go? Well, luckily I had vocalized that morning and was warm. I even liked the last note, which is always tricky because it should have a bass-baritoney quality to it, and my voice starts into more of a bari-tenor sound at that point….

….but I digress.

We finished the song, the 8-10 people who’d stopped by the door applauded, I turned to the pianist and said “thank you”. She said “No, thank YOU! What are you doing next Tuesday?” (She was funny, this one). I wished them a good afternoon and walked out and down the mall to my car & my movie.

A total interaction of maybe 90 seconds.

But I was ”lifted”. What is ”lifted”, you might ask?

Elevated. Mood lightened. Outlook on life improved. And it stuck with me for the rest of the day. I’ve been thinking about why this tiny, random event affected me so profoundly. The best I can come up with is;

It was a random, beautiful, fun, unplanned interaction with other folks, whom I didn’t know, and I was open to it. I can be closed, when it comes to my day to day life. i am comfortable on my own and I can wander around in my own little world, oblivious to the world around me. I think its a reminder to me that people are kind, smart and giving, if you give them a chance. Something I need to do more of.

Thats the message for today. Thats my tenuous connection to wellness this time.

Stay open to the beauty, grace and humor of the world & the people in it.

Thats it.

That’s all

Talk Later,


One thought on “Accept the Gift

  1. I call this “being present”…and when you are “present” you many times become a “present” to others and they become a “present” to you. Thanks for sharing, Bob!


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