Beach Body Bingo!

Ah, we’re coming around to that time of year again.

The ” May’s coming up and that means Labor day weekend which is the unofficial beginning of summer and that means swimsuit season oh my God swimsuits do I even fit into my suit from last year I’m a failure as a human being”.

Or something like that.

I know I’ve written about this before. Probably right around this time of year. But some things, my good friends, bear repeating.

Obsession with living up to what are truly unreasonable expectations, as dictated by television, social media, and shills trying to play off of your insecurities to make a buck, run rampant this time of year. The fitness / weight management industry pull in a cool $50-60 billion a year. Everything from online fitness classes to “balanced meals” ( heaven forbid we call them diet food) delivered to your home. And then we have testosterone augmentation (“she’ll like to too” my butt, Frank..) and the scourge of “insulin resistance”. I should actually do a blog on the insulin resistance thing. Note to self…

….but I digress…

Am I a proponent of health and fitness? Well, duh… I would think that the last 3 1/2 years of me churning these blogs out would convince you of that if nothing else. And yes, my personal wellness journey includes me losing 80+ lbs in my late 20’s, and keeping it off through my early 60s, aka today. Am I happier at this weight, with my level of activity? (the running and gym, etc.)

Yes, absolutely. This is what makes me happy. I’ve worked hard to get here and to stay here, because my body still has many of the those fat cells, just itching to expand again given the slightest provocation. But the important word in the last few sentences is “me”. I want to stay relatively fit. I enjoy what fitness affords me the opportunity to do, even now at 61.

Simply put, it works for me.

What works for you?

That’s a really good, and a really valid, question.

If you want 10% body fat, sculpted abs, a “v’ shape, etc….DO IT!

If you want the poutine sampler, the tomahawk steak and the deep fried Oreo dessert…DO IT!

You’re adults, mostly.( I don’t know of a single regular reader under 21). You know what it takes to go in either direction, and you know the issues associated with both. The point I want to make today is that it should be what YOU want, not what the crazy fit Italian chick on I.G. posts pictures of, or what Rob Lowe tells you is an easy & fun lifestyle choice. So far as we know, at least for sure, you only go around once. If getting double takes at the beach as you strut in your speedo is what works for you, super. If being under the umbrella at the beach, sipping on a pina colada while waiting for your order of super-sized nachos is your thing, rock on.

It’s a generalization, I know, but I think Brazilians, in general, have the right attitude. My observations during my trips to beaches in Brazil (and honestly, if you get a chance, I would totally recommend it.) is that to Brazilians, a bikini body is…a body in a bikini. Big, small, svelte, rubenesque, they wear very little at the beach and nobody has an issue, at least not that I have experienced. The guys are the same. Height / weight ratio be damned. Banana hammocks for all.

Not for me, though. There are some things that being raised in the U.S., in the midwest, kinda, well, steals from you. The desire to wear a tiny swimsuit is one of them. But I totally support the choice.

OK, I think I’ve made my point. I’ll stop beating this deceased equine. This summer…..


Talk later,


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