Chasing Arrows…

So I’m in Cincinnati now. The Queen City of the mid-west and next door neighbor to Kentucky. I will not take needless shots at Kentucky, at least not in this blog. Give me time. Also, it’s so close that my gym is there, my grocery store and many of my new running paths involve the Bluegrass state. And as the old saying goes, don’t defecate where you masticate, or something like that.

In my new digs, which I may or may not refer to as ‘the postage stamp’ moving forward, they are advocates of recycling. It seems odd that the property managers in my new place in Ohio are way more into recycling than they are in my old west coast digs. But OK, they are into it, so I’ll evolve. And in evolving, I wanted to know a little more about the “how”? If I’m gonna separate this from that, and use multiple receptacles, I might as well know a little about how this works, right?

The first thing I’ve learned is, THEY DON’T WANT TO MAKE IT SIMPLE!

I have some advice for the recycling crowd. We, the rest of us, the ignorant unwashed masses, would be a lot easier to convince if you didn’t make it so damned complex, and segue-way directly from separating trash to composting your garden to “buying only what you need and using everything you buy” and turning off all electrical appliances whenever you leave the house, or room, and how we are responsible for global warming and the clock is ticking and it’s 11 – freaking – 59 on the global catastrophe clock and it’s ALL OUR FAULT!!…

…but I digress…

So I searched and searched. I actually had to research, as opposed to my usual ” let’s just turn on the camera after a run” creative process. And what did I come up with?

Not only simple messages. But pictures! Now we are communicating on my level. So, in pictures and simples messages, here is the basic recycling message.

The basics. Makes sense, huh?

Again, not too tough.

Ah, they are called “chasing arrows”. New knowledge.

I think I’d be scared of being wrong with the aerosol cans. That could blow up in my face. Literally.

Starbucks. You bastards….

Returning my packing peanuts to the shipping store. You’re kinda pushing it there, conservation-boy…

If you have been rinsing out your milk cartons & juice boxes before you throw them away?

Get cable. Find a new hobby. Or, you’re married and she said to.

I get it. Sex is important.

So that’s it. Some basic “how to’s” on the recycling front. A way to make a small difference. And have something to bring up at the next dinner party when the guy/gal who runs starts talking about their last race, or next race, or their P.R., or their new shoes.

Yeah, we know we are that annoying.

Talk later,


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