” AdultSuperstore?, Adult Video Warehouse?. Don’t these people have computers?” And other notes from the road.

Hey all! Yep, I’m on the road, traveling by car from my former home in Fullerton, Ca. to my new home in Cincinnati, Ohio. For those of you not up on your “Bob knowledge”, I was raised in Cincinnati. It’s been 35 years, so this is going to be an interesting transition, but that’s a separate blog, probably. I’m just done with day 3 on the road. I’ve driven about 1800 miles. I’ve filled my gas tank a couple times a day, which is just fine because it reminds me that I’m moving to the land of $3.20/gallon gas (praise Allah). My windshield is a testament to the fragility of life for flying insects on the freeway. Today it occurred to me to blog some observations I’ve made while crossing this beautiful country of ours, notes I made on a flap of the box which has occupied the passenger seat of my Mini-Cooper, said box now missing 1/2 of one of it’s flaps. A small price to pay for journalism, if I can call this “journalism”. So, in no particular order, here are some of my observations;

  • I love living in a world where I, while driving through Oklahoma & Texas this morning, can listen to the evening drive time show with “Vic & Jordan” on BBC 1.
  • The Painted Desert is named appropriately. (amazing)
  • My gosh service people are polite here. I’ve heard “Honey” & “Sweety” so many times I’m starting to expect to pay $20 for a drink and for someone to take their clothes off (or maybe that’s just me).
  • In any dispute between a Mini Cooper and a tractor-trailer, the tractor-trailer is always right.
  • No matter why you stopped, gas, food, whatever….use the restroom. Every time.
  • Music helps keep you going. On Day 1 I played every song list I have, On Day 2 I played 4 Grateful Dead songs…( Sorry Mike. I had to…)
  • Not all Holiday Inn Express Hotels are the same.
  • Not all Cobb salads are the same. Really Denny’s, potato sticks??
  • Jesus’s Billboard marketing campaign is alive and well. Not as “robust” as McDonald’s, but right up there with CBD.
  • Billboard with a Lion’s head and the headline ” Wild Animal Adventure”. In Missouri. Umm, isn’t that a Zoo?

OK, that’s me doing my “Charles Kuralt” thing. If you’re under 40, ignore that reference… I’m in St. Louis tonight. I’ll finish my drive tomorrow, pick up the keys to the new place on Wednesday and get busy with my Take 2 on living in Cincinnati.

Alright, time for dinner. I’ll keep you informed.

Talk Later,


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