Vintage Blogging!

I think this is the 3rd straight blog related to my recent birthday. I really don’t think it means that I’m obsessed and/or depressed about it, because I honestly believe that getting this far is sort of an accomplishment.

Life is really good.

Now, having said that…..

Is life different? Sure it is.

My worldview is different.
My half marathon time is different.
I don’t do as many dumb things, but the dumb things that I do hurt more, for a lot longer…
…and yet I fervently hope that I keep doing them, from time to time.

And I know, I know. This isn’t the 1st, or the 20th, “You know you’re old when” list, but it’s mine.
I’m sure you’ve heard some before, and some might be new. But what the hell, it’s a quick read, and might make you giggle.
So here, in no particular order, are my top 20 signs you’re getting older.

You know you’re older…

-1 when you wonder if you should go to the bathroom before you leave the house…you should.

-2 anything, really, anything, can throw your back out.

-3 do you put on your contacts and then your reading glasses, your regular glasses alone, or nothing and get REALLY close to the screen / book?

-4 things that used to be punishments, ie staying in on the weekends, NOT going to the party, going to bed early…are now your goals.

-5 When you take a fall in front of people, they look WAY too concerned. (I just did this 2 months ago)

-6 naps. They are the best. Fight me on this.

-7 you refer to “dialing a number”.

-8 “what’s the name of that actor?” (blank), “He was in that movie?” (blank). Anyway….

-9 walk into the kitchen, open the fridge, stare at it, close the door , go back to the movie…

-10 everyone under 40 is a child. Could be 39, could be 19, not really sure & don’t really care.


-12 friends rhapsodize over their electric car and you don’t even want automatic transmission. (me)

-13 scrolling to the year of your birth takes a minute, focus & attention.

-14 what station is playing “your music”?

-15 a birthday cake with 1 candle… ( I don’t need your PITY!!)

-16 feeling no particular urge to conform.

-17 “Netflix & Chill” means turning a movie on and watching till you fall asleep.

-18 Angie Dickinson , Raquel Welch, Lola Falana, Julie Newmar, Joey Hetherton

-19 sit cross-legged for more than 10 minutes. I dare you…

-20 you decide to write a blog about the signs of getting old.

Hope you had fun with that.
I sure did.
Talk Later,

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