Happy Birthday to Me!

So, I’ve got a birthday coming up. On Monday, August 23rd I will turn 61.
First off, this is a happy thing. It’s something that I’ve earned and will enjoy, thanks so much.
And this year I had gotten myself a present. I was going to be on a cruise to the Caribbean this week.
8 days.
Aruba, Curacao, D.R., Private island.
Drink package
Women in bikinis.
You know, the whole package.
Well, Delta has sidelined all of that. The variant, not the airline.
So, what to do in celebration of 1/2 a century plus 11?

How about……a diet!
It’s always my biggest challenge. The exercise / activity part is something that I more or less have a handle on. What I eat and drink (yup, drink) has always been the bigger challenge.
I love food, and not all of the food I like is of the “ healthy, good for you” variety. And I enjoy good wine & bad beer as well.
Good wine = well, good wine.
Bad beer = Miller / Bud / Any Light beer.

I occasionally go on diets to redirect my habits. Usually this happens when the scale tells me I’ve let things slide a bit.

This isn’t that.

I’ve often advocated for a diet which includes lots of fruits and vegetables. I’ve been in a position to learn a lot about the benefits of a plant based diet and the plant nutrients which are a part of that style of eating. The popular knowledge advocates at least 5 servings of fruits / veg per day. Have I always lived that?

Umm, not really. Have I taken supplements to augment my intake of plant (phyto) nutrients? Yes, and I believe in them whole-heartedly.

But I think it’s time to face the giant that scares me. This morning (Mon., 8/9) I’m starting a 2 week diet. Yeah, I called it a diet. Cause that’s what it is. If I’m not afraid to do it, I shouldn’t be afraid to call it what it is.
What am I doing?

5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables.
Plenty of water and fruit juice.
No alcohol.
No diet cola .
Low carbs.
No fried foods
Snacks will be fruits or veg.

Will this be easy? You know the answer to that. Changing habits is never easy. Is 2 weeks even worth it? I think so. This is another one of those short term goals that I think is so motivating. Maybe I’ll learn something.
About a change in diet.
About myself.

I’ll keep you updated, and if I fall off this horse I will be accountable to you.

Oh, and if you interact with me on a face to face basis, I might be a little grouchy for a while.

Love to all. Talk later,

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