Getting back in the Swing!

It’s happening. 

Slowly but surely, it’s happening.

Freedom is returning. 

I know, it’s not a sure thing, this recovery. A variant strain could hit. 

It’s happened in other parts of the world. 

We could regress again.

But I’m not trying to see that, if you know what I mean. I’m looking ahead optimistically at a summer of recovery and renewal. Not a return to the old normal but a discovery of the new. 

But with my “new” normal will definitely come a healthy portion of old favorites. 

What the heck are you talking about, Bob? You usually don’t start a blog with a digression.

And I’m not now. 

Summer’s coming.

Restrictions are slowly being lifted. 

But it’s been 15 months. Do I even remember all of the options that I have? 

A Poem. by Bob

What will be fun, in 2021?

A day in the sun? 

Going out for a run?

the beach with your daughter, or maybe your son? 

A week in Miami, I’d like that a ton.

A barbecued burger, you “ketos” no bun

A classical concert, perhaps Mendelsson.

Or a night at the club, that I would not shun. 

As for these restrictions, I tell you I’m done…..

….but I digress (a digression poem, there’s something new)

So I’m throwing together a list of “things to do” this summer. 

It’s either a new thing or a reminder of something that may have slipped your mind since March 2020.

Here goes;

  1. Fly a kite ( OMG, it’s been decades)
  2. Go to a farmer’s market (my city has 2 per week! Yay Fullerton!
  3. Have a barbecue, or if you’re in the Midwest, a grill out.
  4. Set up a badminton / volleyball net and invite folks over
  5. Hit the waterpark
  6. Go fruit-picking
  7. Build a rope swing ( careful with this if you’re a renter)
  8. Host a dinner party
  9. Road trip!
  10. For those of you in California, Vegas road trip!
  11. Rollerskating / rollerblading ( not for me. That would be like saying “ Take a trip to the emergency room!”)
  12. Set up the tent in the back yard and sleep out.
  13. Trail hiking / running
  14. Camping ( if you like that sort of thing..)
  15. Glamping ( now we’re talking)
  16. Disney, Universal, Magic Mountain, Knotts, ( if you’re ballin on a budget) Adventure World ( right down the street from Knotts, if you’re ballin on a really strict budget)
  17. Horseback riding
  18. Sand castles / collecting sea shells
  19. Rent a cabin by a lake
  20. Fishing!! 
  21. Hide & Seek, Kick the Can, Tag. 
  22. Stargazing (preferably in Yosemite, but anywhere away from city lights will do)
  23. Drive in movies . But I would miss the part where my dad tries to get close enough to the speaker and trashes the side mirror.
  24. Put a basket together and have a picnic. 
  25. Grab a bottle of wine and watch the sunset. Then grab another bottle of wine.
  26. Water Balloon fight!
  27. Mini golf! 
  28. Bowling! They have all kinds of “midnight / neon / disco” bowling. You should try it.
  29. Slip & Slide.
  30. Yoga in the yard . With or without goats.
  31. Sign up for a goofy 5k, like a color run / zombie run / 5k that goes to bars ( who does that??)
  32. Watch a sunrise 

OK, that’s my list. Maybe something on this list will speak to you. Maybe the list will inspire you to make a list of your own. 

Do what makes you comfortable, what makes you happy. 

I’m running races and performing in local theater. And the wine thing of course…

That’s my plan.

What’s yours?

Talk later,


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