New Year, new challenges, new opportunities..

This blog was going to be about carbohydrates.

You know.

Simple vs complex. Exactly what are simple carbs and complex carbs?

Which are useful and how & when.

One of those basic, informational blogs, with a moment of levity or two, provided by moi.

I thought it was high time for that kind of blog.

However, life intervened. You know how that is. For lack of a better term, “stuff” happened.

What “stuff”, Bob?

Well I’m glad you asked ( as if you did…;-)

First, you may have noticed a new logo for Practically Well. Some thing sorta like this;

I decided, after 2+ years, it was time for an upgrade. After looking at a lot ( and I mean a LOT) of possibilities, I settled on this one. Why? Because the image / font/ etc doesn’t appear to take itself too seriously. Now I do take some of what I post here seriously. I take healthy & wellness seriously. Both mine and yours. I taught fitness for 20+ years and still do from time to time, because I like to see people succeed in living their best life, whatever their vision of that is, and I love helping attain that vision. But I’m a pretty goofy guy, and I embrace that. Also, I’m putting together some new opportunities, business-wise, and P.W. will be part of that. So you might also see this image soon;

Edge is going to be a Presentation training & consulting service, both live presenting and virtual. But…

…I digress… that’s a Feb. thing. Exciting, but in development.

So, what else in new, Bob?

Well, if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time you’ve heard me say (or write)…

  • Weight control is simple. Not easy but simple.
  • By far, the biggest contributing factor to weight control is diet. Fitness has it’s own benefits, but when it comes to weight control, it’s mainly diet.
  • “What do you want, and what are you willing to do to get it”.

So , over the last 5-6 months, I’ve noticed a few things. My running is a bit slower. I’m doing it, but the times are slipping. That’s one thing. Also, my clothes fit differently. I have a range of clothes, from really comfortable to fairly, umm, let’s say unforgiving. I’ve been finding reasons to exclude those unforgiving clothes, like ” I never really liked those jeans anyway, and tight jeans are just a kind of skinny jean, and why would a 60 year old man be wearing skinny jeans”.

Yeah, stuff like that.

Pre-covid, when I worked at my previous employer, there was a great fitness room which had a scale. I didn’t weigh myself often, but every couple months, or if I thought things were sliding a bit, I’d check in on myself. Well, I haven’t had that option since March. So last week I decided to buy a scale. It measures weight, body fat, BMI ( which I think is totally bogus, but that’s another story) among other things. By the way, the scale is by Arboleaf, and you can sync it to your phone with their app. It’s really simple, doesn’t cost an arm & a leg, and I’m kinda impressed.

What am I not impressed with? this;

I haven’t weighed over 190 lbs in maybe 10 years.

So, what do I want, and what am I willing to do to get it?

It’s time for Bob to walk what he’s been talking. Yup.

This is the last you’ll hear of this on this blog, at least until I’m finished. But if you are familiar with the Practically well Facebook page , of Instagram page ( Well Practically), I’ll be posting my weekly weigh ins. Not for you.

It’s all about me.

I’m want to accountable to someone. You drew the short straw.

The goal is 171 lbs. there is a story behind that, but this blog is long enough.

Love you guys. Take care, work to achieve your goals / resolutions, and we’ll talk next week.

And next week I promise to write that piece about carbohydrates.

Talk later,


3 thoughts on “New Year, new challenges, new opportunities..

  1. Love it!!! I am totally with you!! That 171 lbs. is what I like to call fighting weight. Miss seeing you in person. Hopefully soon we can come together for some sort of outing. Looking forward to your coming blogs.


  2. Hey Randy! You totally nailed it. I use 171 because that would be the weight I would have to make to fight at 170 in UFC. I miss you guys as well and can’t wait til we can hang out in person . Cheers my friend!


  3. So let me get this straight – my hubby and one of my dearest friends are aiming to be the same fighting weight class?! Is this a new middle-aged event we should expect to see Dana White promoting soon?! Seriously though… I have a similar (more- really) amount of work to do – and I appreciate your words as motivation! Thanks!!


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