Come Together

I don’t like the Beatles.

I know. I know.

It’s not a popular position. I have been questioned and second-guessed. I have been insulted. People have spent way too much time telling me I’m wrong, I’m mistaken, I have no musical taste, etc.

I appreciate the role they have played in the history of music. Their innovation, their musicality, the influence they have had on so many other artists and on music in general. I understand all of that.

Just don’t make me listen to their music. I don’t like it…

….but I digress…

However, that being said, the events of the past several weeks have brought to mind the Beatles “Come Together”. Because guess what folks. That’s what we really, really need to do right now.

Right now a certain percentage of the population is in full-fledged celebration. Champagne corks are being popped. Tears are being shed. Am I one of those people? If you know me, you know the answer to that question. If you don’t know me, that’s none of your business ( said in kindest possible way 😉

Others are angry & frustrated. They feel like the country is going to pulled in the wrong direction, down an old erronious path.

But it’s a done deal. The electoral college has spoken. And here’s where I try to tie this back to wellness. Our wellness as a society. Because, if you’ll allow me this metaphor, it’s not a black & white thing.

Not everyone who voted one way is a racist, militaristic Nazi.

Not everyone who voted the other way is a socialist, naive snowflake.

There are as many reasons to vote one way or another as there are voters. As a voter you are looking at a whole lot of factors in trying to figure out who to vote for. The economy, equal rights, immigration, global trade, foreign policy, and many, many more that I probably don’t even understand. People did that. They looked at what was important to them and to their families. And they made a choice.

I saw a post that said ” Now we know that there are over 60 million racists in this country”.

That’s bullshit. That’s prejudice. That’s painting an entire group of people with a broad brush.

I have friends who voted both ways. I have family who voted both ways. Smart, kind, educated people, on both sides. And yes, I think that it is possible. And I will retain them as friends, and I will love them as family. We have different opinions. In some cases, holy crap do we have different opinions. But I think that now is a time to look for reasons to come together, not tear apart. There’s been enough of that lately.



I don’t know. When I get a chance I’ll ask Dr. King & Gandhi. Until then I’m gonna try really hard to fix me. To accept people and find reasons to help my brother / sister. To cut down on the snarky, judgmental posts. And if you know me you know how hard that’s going to be.

Love to you all.

Black, brown, yellow, white.

Left & right.

Democrat & Republican

Straight, gay and all of the other LGBTQ+

Talk Later,


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