Embrace the Grind

Lots of people my age are retired.

Lots of people my age have taken up golf.

Lots of people my age are acting their age, dressing their age, dating their age.

I’m not retired. Far, far from it.

I golfed in my 20s, and badly at that. I’m a runner these days

Whatever “acting my age” is, I don’t think I’m doing it.

I dress like an unmade bed.

Dating? Let’s not even discuss it.

I work, in a position that challenges me creatively as well as technically ( internet, Zoom, etc)

I workout a fair amount and watch what I eat & drink, with notable exceptions.

Very notable exceptions. Kind of occasionally epic exceptions….

….but I digress…

Do I wish I could just sit back, relax, and enjoy the “fruits of my labor”?

Honestly, not really.

Now, are there times? Of course. There are the “God I wish I could just fly of to some island and drink tropical drinks while checking out the scenery” times.

But maybe the best gift I was ever given was having to struggle, to try, to learn. Maybe old dogs who have to learn new tricks don’t get so old so soon. Most of the work I have been involved in for the last 20 years or so ( performing arts, fitness instruction, wellness) have required me to keep myself together physically and mentally. If I didn’t have to, would I?

I think that I would, but who knows…

So in the midst of all of this craziness, this change, this challenge, maybe  we should be thankful for some of the stuff that we curse; The obstacles and hills and hurdles.

Maybe they keep us sharp.

Maybe they keep us sane.

Maybe they keep us sober….more often.

That’s all I’ve got for today.

Talk later,





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