Top Ten “Pick me up” Songs

Let’s talk about music.

Music, Bob?

What’s music got to do with wellness?

Lots. Thanks for asking.

Music affects mood, affects your attitude. Music makes you happy, makes you sad, makes you laugh, makes you cry. 

But let’s not cry. I don’t wanna cry.

I’m interested in happiness. I am interested in joy.

There’s enough reasons in this world right now to be unhappy, to be outraged, to be angry. 

I’m not saying it’s wrong to be any of those things, and to take action to try to make things right. 

But I’m going to try to do what I do with a smile. While feeling good about me and my fellow man (and woman).

That’s where music comes in. When I need a hand to pick me back up towards a happier Bob?

Music is that hand, more often than not. 

So this week is about my top 10. My top 10 “Bob’s got his Groove back” songs. And not just the song, this version, OK?

As always, in no particular order;

10. Age of Aquarius / Let the Sun Shine – From the musical “Hair”. 


The 5th Dimension, doing this hippie / love/ peace anthem. Literally makes me dance every time I hear it. Oh and sing the baritone part. 

9. I just want to Celebrate – Rare Earth

Come on. Real live 60’s rock, talking about “I just want to celebrate”.  Yes, my friends. Try it. 

8. September – Earth, Wind & Fire

My favorite band in the world. And the original video. SO 70’s early music video. Maurice and Verdeen White and the boys. SO good.

7. Nessus Dorma – Luciano Pavarotti

Nope, not Carreras, not Domingo, defs not Bocelli. Pavarotti was the best. Ever. That’s that.

“I shall win, I shall win” indeed.

6. O Happy Day – Edwin Hawkins Singers

I know. In the community they play it at funerals. But it is so uplifting, and it has that 4 part, knock your ass over  gospel sound. Damn, so good.

5. Freedom – Robbie Williams

British pop star singing about freedom. The refrain alone gets me up (in an emotional way. Get your mind out of the gutter)

4. Danza Kuduro- Don Omar

Makes me break out my 3 “learned on the cruise ship” salsa steps. Every time.

3. Smoking Gun – Robert Cray

This came out in 1982. It’s been on my cd / walkman/ iPod / iPhone ever since. No. Literally. Ever since. And I always “air “guitar the solo, cause you have to.

2. Oye Como Va – Santana

Seriously, do I have to explain this?

1. Fields of Athenry – Dropkick Murphys

Seriously, did you think we were gonna get through this without a song by my people. Love this version of what is classically a sad ballad. 

OK, that’s it. If you’re down in the dumps. Feeling the COVID19 blues, losing faith in your fellow man, worried about murder hornets,or whatever other heinous crap that 2020 plans on hurling at us, 

try these. Seriously, this stuff should need a prescription. 

You’re welcome, people.

Talk later,



P.S. I gave my digressions the week off 🙂

PPS. A quick message from Robert 3 to Robert 2, In the last 15 months I know that Heaven is more organized, has at least one mechanical upgrade and all the lawns are cut AND trimmed. Much Love Dad.

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