Wellness in 2020!

Wellness in 2020

OMG, it’s almost time for the Roaring Twenties again!

Will these be “roaring” twenties?

Or maybe “boring” twenties?

Hopefully not “warring” twenties. I hope we’ve had enough of that.

But that’s neither here nor there to this particular blog. We’re in the business of wellness. What will wellness look like in the first year of the new decade? Here, in no particular order, are some popular wellness trends which look to pick up steam in the 2020;

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

In 2020 many consumers will look to alternative medicine when it comes to healing and recovery of both the mind and body. Mainstream America seems to be catching on to what has long been considered more “old wives’ tales” & outright quackery than medicine. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) continues to gain in popularity, so much so that 68% of those surveyed in the MINDBODY Wellness Index study agree that alternative medicine is a good complement to modern medicine. In addition to the most popular forms of this, like meditation, guided visualization, and breath work, getting acupuncture, acupressure , and even ear seeding (using small seeds to stimulate pressure points in your ear). are a few practices that will become a lot more accessible in the next year.

Small seeds.

Inside my ears.

No. Not really, thanks.

Experiential Wellness 

People love to experience wellness — with the most common being spa retreats, fitness pop-ups and wellness festivals. That means in 2020, you’ll see your favorite brands capitalizing off the intersection of things you love to do — hiking meets yoga, music / meditation/ dance festivals and fitness pop-ups that intersect your favorite apparel companies, as well as wellness-focused vacations. I usually go to the gym when I’m on a cruise.Kind of the same thing.

Even more CBD-infused products and services

More than ever, the use of CBD infused products, derived from hemp plants are mainstream. Countless companies are introducing this all-star ingredient into their goods. You’ll see even more states hopping on this gravy train, and a wider acceptance of CBD in the general public. What does this mean in the new year? “I’ve noticed CBD-infused treats next to your average brownie in NYC bakeries, tried a CBD infused massage at a Colorado hot springs, and hear about the many benefits of CBD from clients,” shares a leading CBD advocate. “Once regulations are ironed out, I think we’re going to see much more of CBD offerings on the shelves”. I know I’ve recently addressed this one. For my part, I’ll be eagerly awaiting more real proof of benefits along with more CBD-laced products. But that’s just me channeling my inner Grumpy Mc Grumperson.

Zero-waste movement

More awareness of packaging waste,  plastic containers, utensils, bags and so on — started in 2019, and it is only going to expand in 2020 as more grocery stores will eliminate disposable bags and eateries will incentivize take-home containers or cups.


Plant-based everything will surge

In 2020 the focus won’t be on meat — but rather, on innovative plant based foods. Thanks to the cult following that Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have cultivated, major companies like Burger King are starting to offer meat-free patties as part of their menu items. The same will hold true for more plant-based products such as skincare, vitamins and fashion There’s even an all-vegan hotel now in Scotland.


in Scotland?

Vegan haggis? The mind boggles.

Minimalist Technology.

Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondo inspired people  worldwide to rid themselves of unnecessary items that lacked joy. And according to therapist, author and wellness entrepreneur ( wellness entrepreneur? Whatever…) Kimberly Wilson says a focus on minimalism isn’t going anywhere — and it is expanding into most people’s toughest habit: technology. A study found screen time is associated with higher levels of depression, so Wilson predicts more people will be hyper-aware of how much they consume via computers, television and phones. Bold prediction, Kimberly. We’ll see how that goes.

More Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, “forty-five perfect of Americans aren’t getting the sleep they deserve.”

Wait. deserve?

Just exactly how much sleep do I “deserve”. Have you ever heard someone say “Bill slept 9 hours last night. How dare he! He doesn’t deserve that much sleep. There are children in India who don’t even get 6 hours, and Bill’s sleep-splurging! What an ingrate!

…but I digress…

Research has shown that 57 percent of people consider sleep to be a luxury (and not a necessity), with 28 percent using sleep apps, to help with this. Other ways you can try to prioritize your sleep in 2020 include natural supplements, , or even popping in midday at a nap pod.

Nap pods?

Just put your head down on your desk people.

Nap pods…

Other trends which may ,well, trend in 2020:

  1. Intuitive eating  ( Would this be eating basically, whatever you feel like eating? OK)
  2. Sustainable seafood
  3. Plant-based protein
  4. Regenerative agriculture
  5. Prebiotics
  6. Grain-free foods ( gluten-bashing, pure and simple)
  7. Low-alcohol and nonalcoholic drinks, as well as non-alcoholic bars.
  8. Intermittent fasting will be the new keto. ( I’m hoping that sensible, balanced diets could be the new eating trend in 2020, and both of these could sail into the dietary sunset. But that’s just me)

So, watch for these, take a close look at whether they are something you think has merit and will work for you, and maybe try something new for the Roaring Twenties. Personally, I’m hoping that flapper dresses come back, but that’s just me.

Next week, I’ll report on my latest 13.1 mile adventure, the San Diego Holiday half-marathon in La Jolla on Saturday, Dec. 21.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Joyous Kwanza, or whatever you are celebrating, you diverse lot!

Talk later,


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