Hi all,

missed you last week. Sorry about that. Been traveling, announcing and  vacationing for the last week. Which brings me to my subject for this week. Like I said, I’m on a cruise.

Ive done lots of cruises.

I worked for cruises for 4 years.

Obviously, I like them. Some do. Some don’t .

Theres lots of people, of all ages, shapes and sizes. White, black , brown, yellow, gay, straight, American, Brits, Russians, Chinese, old, young.

There are lines.

Lines to get on. Lines to eat. Lines for drinks. Lines for lines to get into lines.

It’s not for everyone .

But basically, you have paid to be taken care of for a week( or however long you’re on). You go to exotic places. You eat for free. You drink for free. ( if you buy the drink package, which I would recommend) There are activities. Somebody makes your bed and cleans your room. But I’ll tell you what.

People are unhappy.

People are impatient. The food , all 15 or 30 kinds, are not  what they want. Things take too long ( see “lines”). There aren’t enough deck chairs, there are too many children. There are too many drunk adults.

And on and on and on…….

Do I think they are perfect? No

But come on now.

there are SO many people in the world who, if offered a chance to live like this for a week to do so, would happily punch you in the face for whining and take your place. There are so many people who aren’t in a position to travel, to be taken care of and pampered for a week.

I think we forget.

I think I forget from time to time.

There are so many people who live happily with so much less. I sincerely think that people tend to carry their happiness with them. And their unhappiness.

I was just telling my friends in Facebook about the fact that in the last week I have;

– blistered the hell out of my lower lip

– developed a sore spot on the ball of my foot that is screwing up my running obsession.

– ran my face  into a door and left a contusion.

– pulled my back muscles.

My friends, in that loving way they have, have accused me of being clumsy, drunk and old.

They are correct on all counts.

But one thing that I am, as well as the 3 above?


I can afford To do this.

I can still run.

I have access to medical care to fix what ails me.

Women in bikinis.

And when I get home, I’m going to try to be better at enjoying;


paying bills

dealing with people.

hurdles which I have to overcome.

Women in bikinis.

I guess the parable today is that happiness, and unhappiness, transcends situations, finanaces, other peoples expectations, geographic locations, etc. It is usually something you bring to the party with you.

Either way.

Talk later,



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