10 Cardiovascular workouts….that aren’t running.

I’m not sure you’ve noticed, but I post a lot about running.

A lot.

Probably more than non-runners would enjoy. You might even call it irritating. Some people already have. So here, an entire blog about NOT running. This week is devoted to cardio-vascular exercises which don’t involve the “R” word.

Here goes

#10. Treadmill

I know, it’s almost running. But it’s not. You can do it inside. You can do it at home, though in homes I tend to see more treadmills in closets and garages than anywhere else, and I don’t know HOW you use them in there.( the closet, that is) . A study by the Medical College of Wisconsin found the average calories burned jogging on a treadmill for one hour was 705 to 866. Other advantages are;

-Treadmills offer a wide range of options in terms of speed, incline, and multiple training programs.

-The treadmill is familiar and emulates natural movement for walking, jogging, or sprinting.

-Propelling your body weight requires substantial effort. As a result, your body will burn calories at a higher rate.

-The weight bearing effect of treadmills can help strengthen your bones and muscles which can aid your posture and sustainability as you age.


#9 Elliptical

An estimate by Health Status found using an elliptical trainer for one hour will burn approximately 773 calories.  It’s low / no impact. Most machines have moveable handles which allow you to exercise your upper body and lower body simultaneously. Most ellipticals also allow you to stride in reverse which can activate different muscle groups. In addition, studies show that people are actually working harder than they think they are when operating an elliptical. Personally, this is what I do at the gym because, at 58, I like to alternate between running and a low impact cardio routine.

#8 Cross Country Skiing

According to experts cross country skiing delivers a better cardio workout compared to running at about the same pace, thanks to the fact that the sport requires you to push with your lower-body and pull with your upper .In fact, a good cross-country ski session can burn more than 12 calories a minute, according to the Compendium of Physical Activities. Ha. I used the word “compendium”.


#7 Boxing;

Hitting a heavy bag, working with a partner, or just performing punch combos on air can burn up to 800 per hour. Caution from someone who has taken, and taught, a lot of kickboxing and cardio-kickboxing classes. If you are going to hit anything: A mitt, a bag, a person, ANYTHING. Learn the technique of throwing a punch and learn how to wrap your hands. Trust me on this.

#6 Kettlebell Swing

This explosive cardio exercise works the big, powerful muscles around your glutes and quads, and sends your heart into overdrive, according to research from the University of Wisconsin. In the study, participants burned 20.2 calories a minute and their average heart was 93 percent of its max for the course of a 20-minute workout. But again, the key to this is technique. If you have any physical issues, especially lower back, think about this one long and hard before engaging your inner Russian athlete.

#5 Indoor Rowing

A 185-pound guy can burn 377 calories during 30 minutes of vigorous rowing, or about 12.5 calorie per minute, reports a Harvard University study. And because you need to utilize the muscles in your arms, legs, and back for efficient strokes, it’s a great total-body trainer.

#4 Jumping Rope

Moderate-intensity rope jumping—about 100 to 120 skips per minute—burns about 13 calories a minute, according to the Compendium of Physical Activities. This cardio exercise uses more muscle groups than jogging and challenges your balance and coordination. At least it challenges mine.

#3 AirDyne Bike Sprints

It sounds downright crazy, but it’s been proven that you can burn up to 87 calories a minute on this type of stationary bike, which increases its resistance as you pedal harder. The key is giving it everything you have in that 60 seconds. Short duration, high intensity stuff and great interval training.

#2 Burpees

A 180-pound person burns about 1.43 calories per burpee, according to exercise scientists. So if you shoot to average at least 10 every 60 seconds, or a rate of 14.3 calories per minute. Performing just 10 reps at a fast pace can boost your metabolism as much as a 30-second, all-out bike sprint, according to a study presented at the American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting.

And, last but not least….

#1 “Cindy”

This CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD), named after the youngest of the Brady kids, (I kid, I kid) burns an average 13 calories per minute, according to scientists at Kennesaw State University. It’s effective because it pairs three exercises—5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 air squats—that work different major muscle groups, and you do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. It takes you from standing, down to the ground, and back up to standing again, which really spikes the heart rate,

OK, there you go. !0 great cardio workouts which are not running. All very good. All effective.

Choose one that works for you.

I’ll be running.

Talk later,


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