Your Wellness

My friends know that I work out. That I run races. That I watch what I eat & drink, at least most of the time. I’ve taught classes at 24Hr Fitness, at L.A. Fitness, at Linda Evans Fitness ( which was a woman’s gym, but that’s a different story. I’ve taught in the Philippines, in Indonesia, in Scandinavia, on cruise ships, for heaven’s sake. They know that I am an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, and I think that sometimes people get defensive about that. I admit it, I work out 6 days a week, and sometimes I skip my day off, if it’s sunny and I feel like a run. People fell the need to justify their choices, or tell me about what they USED to do, or be , or whatever.
Here, just for the record, is my philosophy when it comes to Wellness;
Your own personal wellness is WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE!
That’s it. I make the choices I make because that is what brings me joy. I love being able to run, at 58 years old. I love going to the gym and lifting. I love the feeling of camaraderie that comes with participating in a race, or a mud run, or a fitness class. I feel really, really lucky to be able to do it at my age, and I know the moment I stop for any length of time, I might not be able to get back to it. So I commit the time to it. I make choices that in the moment might not make me happy, like not having the cake, or beer, or whatever. That’s because it’s worth it to me.
Honestly, I’m not as fit as I could be. Every gym I go into, every race I run, has plenty of people who are faster, stronger, quicker and just plain fitter than I am. If I was more strict with my diet and more ambitious with my workouts I could improve my performance. But you know what?
I’m honestly good with where I’m at.
I have better days and worse days. I occasionally get very strict if I’ve set a short term goal like a race or a vacation, etc. I occasionally get a little lax. But in general, I’m happy with where I’m at, and doing what it takes to keep me there. I think that’s the goal.
What do you want?
Do you want to eat, drink and be merry? DO IT! I am a great believer in self-determination. Unless you literally live under a rock, you know about the dangers of smoking. If you still want to smoke, I’ll light your cigarette for you (I don’t actually carry a lighter, but you know what I mean.) If you love to cocktail, and don’t really care about the long term effects of heavy drinking, drink up! Please don’t drive, but Cheers my friend. If you love food, and don’t give a damn about bikini season, go ahead.
You know what I don’t like? Hypocrisy. If you live that life, live it. If you know that there are risks associated with a lifestyle, and you live that lifestyle anyway, and those risks manifest themselves, don’t suddenly be all Yul Brynner “ Don’t make the same mistake I made”. Make your choices and go with them. At least that’s my perspective.
Enjoy your life.
What I try to help with is people who feel like they can’t get where they want to be. They’ve tried diets, and sincerely want to make a change in their life. That’s where I want to help. If there is something I can do to help someone who really wants to make a change, I love doing that. Because I’ve been there and I know what it feels like to make a change that you’ve wanted to make for your whole life. It feels amazing. But your wellness is your choice. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Freaking revel in it.
Yeah, revel.
In general, I don’t think we do enough reveling.
That’s all I’ve got this week.
Talk soon,

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