What will we talk about?


Good question.
When you decide you want to do this, the page, that is. You think, “there are a million things to talk about! It’ll write itself!” And then you sit in front of a computer and it drains away like a wine glass on Friday nights.

So let me start with what we will NOT talk about.


Kale anything.

rolfing ( look it up)

Lemon juice, cayenne and maple syrup cleansing.

Raw juice detox cleansing

Any kind of cleansing.


biodynamic farming ( look it up. Pure biodynamic farming is some weird , “burying bones during the full moon “shit)

We will not demonize:
meat (red or otherwise)
gluten, or
whole, moo-cow milk.

So, what the hell WILL we talk about?

What diets seem to work, and the science behind why. What kinds of exercise and activity are out there, what they are ( and are NOT) good for, and are they the right one for you. Medical care, preventative care, holistic care, and why you should care. Are supplements worth it, and if so which ones? How to find time for wellness, activity and eating right in a world of work, family, kids, and friends ( friends can REALLY screw up a healthy lifestyle, but that’s a different story). Organic stuff, is it worth it? How do beer, wine, ice cream and fried foods fit into a wellness lifestyle ( and I think they DO!).
Jeez, there ARE a million things to talk about. On a personal note, I’m going to bore the hell out of you with my posts about running, traveling to run, paying good money to run, and the funny, fun, crazy M-Fs you meet while running ( BTW, I haven’t decided how much profanity I’ll be using during these posts. Normally, in my regular day to day life, I use the ENTIRE language. We’ll see). If I try a new workout, diet idea, wellness scheme, whatever, I’ll share it here. Am I selling anything? Nope, not right now. Give me time to get greedy.
OK, this is the 2nd and last “getting to know you” blog. The next time we’ll actually get into stuff.
Got an idea for a blog? Got some feedback on this one?



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