Latin Workout!

This week, instead of having you read something or watch / listen to something, I wanted to give you something. Something you can use, if you want to. We’re all spending more time than we want to indoors. Actually, I’m sure there are some folks who are good with it.

Agoraphobics come to mind.

But for most of us, our walls are drawing little too close, a little too often. Getting out and getting active can be tough, if not impossible.

So here’s a little gift. From me to you.

It’s a 15 minute, light workout, based on latin music & dance.

Why Latin? Because I love the music. I love watching Salsa, bachata, cambia, and just about any spanish / latin dance. This workout is based on latin dance . Based, people. I am not a dancer. There are choreographers, really good choreographers, who can tell you how much of a dancer I am not.

So it’s easy. I think it’s fun. And I made the video at home so you can follow it at home.

It’s too big a view to upload here, but the youtube link is;

I hope you keep active. It burns calories. It helps maintain muscle tone and keeps your metabolism in gear. And it makes you happy. At least it makes me happy.

I hope you enjoy ,

Talk later,


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